Real Foundations students engaged with decodable readers, practicing reading skills and experiencing the joy of learning.

Develop Fluency, Build Confidence, and Foster a Love for Reading

Controlled fiction and nonfiction texts crafted by our experts integrate with activities from the Student Workbook to engage students in social learning, expand their background knowledge, and nurture their critical thinking skills.

Fiction books are integrated into every level, while nonfiction stories are introduced in Level C and continued through Level D.

Fiction decodable readers used in Foundations B with engaging texts paired with amusing illustrations

Expanding Your Students' Imagination with Phonics-Controlled Fiction

With Foundations readers, students will meet unforgettable characters and go on imaginative adventures while practicing Reading Foundational Skills and covering the Reading Literature Standards.

Nonfiction decodable readers available in traditional paperback books or printer- and tablet-friendly PDFs.

Developing Academic Reading Skills with Decodable Nonfiction

Foundations nonfiction books are tailored to expand students' background knowledge and support them in developing the skills needed to read informational texts with success. These books are designed to meet the Reading standards for nonfiction.

Readers that Grow with Your Students

Student-Created Readers

Imaginative Phonics-Controlled Fiction

Foundations B has two sets of readers:

Informational Texts and Early Chapter Books

Deepen Comprehension Skills with Informative Texts and Classic Children's Literature

Children's Literature Set comprised of 11 classic children's books used in conjunction with Foundations D curriculum.

Foundations D - Children's Literature Set

The 11 books in this set provide the spine for the Foundations D lessons! Develop your students' love of reading by introducing them to beloved children's authors such as Mo Willems and Grace Lin.

*Every Foundations D Reader is paired with a book from Foundations D - Children's Literature Set in a playful, ironic twist between fiction/nonfiction of the same content!

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Three albums featuring 75 silly phonogram songs that explore all the sounds of the 75 basic phonograms through fun, engaging, multi-sensory fun!

Enhance Your Curriculum with the Doodling Dragons Songs!

Written and recorded by Jill Pearson, Cover Art by Ingrid Hess

Sprinkle extra joy throughout your lessons with catchy songs that introduce students to all the sounds of A-Z and 49 multi-letter phonograms!

Foundations incorporates these decodable readers with practice activities from the Student Workbook!

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