Foundations Workbooks contain a variety of games, practice activities, and illustrative styles for students in all walks of life.

Students Experience the Joy of Learning Through Multimodal Practice

Foundations Workbooks help students develop their fluency and comprehension skills through solving riddles, tracking a soccer game, ordering events, arranging animals, and reading short informational texts and fictional readers.

Using the Foundations Student Workbooks

Each activity serves as a support tool to complement the skills and lessons taught throughout the Foundations Teacher's Manuals.

Colorful engaging games and activities that support application of newly learned rules and concepts through fun, multisensory practice!

Strengthen Phonics Skills With Games and Activities

Foundations Student Workbooks contain a variety of games and engaging activities that playfully reinforce concepts as they're introduced, allowing students to easily apply tools they are learning as they master all 75 basic phonograms and 31 spelling rules and expand their ability to comprehend unknown words in texts.

Assessment B from Foundations B examining progress made on the phonograms, spelling rules and other core concepts taught in the previous five lessons.

Assessments That Drive Engagement and Boost Confidence

Assessments allow the teacher to assess the progress of each student and highlight which skills students may need to practice further. Relevant practice activities are suggested in each assessment to help you customize review activities to the needs of the students.

Explicit instructions for all student workbook activities are located in the teacher's manual.

Designed To Work in Harmony

Throughout the Teacher's Manual, scripted lessons prompt all of the instructions for all of the practice, activities, games and assessments in the Student Workbook.

Foundations online activities correlated with the student workbook

Supplemental Practice, Games and Activities

Incorporate additional practice or switch up the pace by sprinkling in fun, engaging games and activities such as:

Discover the Joy of Learning Through Our Workbook Sample Pages!

Opportunities To Save on Workbooks

Logic of English Foundations Set includes printed components and correlates with optional online supplements!

Foundations workbooks are included in the sets for all four volumes. You can save 10% when you purchase a set! If you’re purchasing for a group, you can save 10% when you purchase 20+ of a particular workbook.

Boost comprehension skills and unlock reading independence for your student with Foundations Decodable Readers!

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