Interior page from the Foundations B Teacher's Manual providing explicit, systematic instruction for each language arts skill incorporated into a single book..

A Manual with Simple Steps and Easy-to-Follow Systematic Instruction!

Teach the foundational skills of reading with no prior preparation or training required! These open-and-go manuals with scripted lessons support you and your students regardless of your teaching experience.

All the instructions for the Student Workbooks and Readers are conveniently located within each scripted lesson.

Progression between Foundations A and Foundations D Teacher's Manual expanding the expected depth of knowledge.

Engaging and Thoughtfully Created Lessons

Each lesson clearly states what the teacher's role is, what is expected from the student, and the progress students are expected to make. Lessons grow in complexity as students progress from Level A through Level D.

Foundations assessments found in the physical or digital Teacher's Manual perfectly correlate with the Student Workbook


After every fifth lesson, there is an assessment that can help you determine the skills students have mastered and which skills will need reteaching or further practice. Review ideas are conveniently provided for the different skills being measured.

A cluster of tips from inside the Foundations Teacher's Manuals including Teacher Tips, Challenges, Song suggestions, and more.

Teacher's Tips

You will find a wealth of tips that will answer your questions, provide creative ideas to extend instruction, and support advanced and struggling students. Speech tips, ideas for multi-sensory learning, challenge activities, additional book ideas, and more!

Explicit, systematic instruction for both Cursive and Manuscript handwriting styles conveniently located within the same scripted lessons.

Cursive & Manuscript Instructions

Foundations A and B Teacher's Manuals include instructions for both cursive and manuscript handwriting so you can choose the handwriting style that is best for your students.

Free Samples

Experience the Foundations Teacher's Manual Lessons with These Samples


This Manual Offers Flexibility for the Teacher and the Student

Foundations Teacher's Manuals allow you to set the pace according to the student's age or attention span. They offer teachers the flexibility to deliver the lesson in a day or a week and the freedom to access it at home, online, or in the classroom.

Pacing Recommendations

This guide is available in print or PDF, giving teachers the freedom to access it at home, online, or in the classroom.

Correlation between the Common Core Standards and the Foundations Lessons in which they're taught.

Standards taught throughout Foundations aligned with the Common Core Standards for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

Standards Taught in Foundations

Enhance Your Teaching With Literacy Content Based on the Science of Reading

With Spelling Analysis videos, game samples, and progress monitoring checklists, LOE provides parents and teachers a variety of resources that align with what we know about how the brain learns to read.

Foundations Spelling Analysis Playlists

Every lesson is simple to teach, fun to learn, and easy to follow when accompanied by a Foundations Student Workbook!

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