Beginning reader exploring sounds through spelling analysis video lessons

Instruction, Practice, Songs and Games

With Foundations Online Supplements you can introduce and review past content, offer extra practice or engage students with meaningful screen time! These Online Supplements are correlated with the core concepts and teaching strategies as outlined in the Foundations curriculum materials but offer new, fun examples through digital games and activities!

Foundations Online Supplement used in conjunction with printed curriculum

Working together to ignite the joy of learning in your student!

The Teacher

That’s you! Use the Foundations Teacher’s Manual and Foundations Planning Guides to plan and implement each lesson by determining which activities will be taught with the scripted lessons found in the Teacher’s Manual and which will be taught through online videos.

The Instructor

Teach hand in hand with Denise Eide. Instruction given through short, engaging video lessons for all core content found in Foundations.

The Student

Learn, practice and review! The student will engage with interactive video lessons and digital practice in conjunction with in-person instruction and kinesthetic learning from the Teacher’s Manual prompted by the teacher.

Using Foundations Online Supplements

Practice literacy skills while having fun and building confidence!

Foundations online interactive games and activities

Engaging Interactive Practice

Expand your students' practice with a wide range of interactive games and activities to help them develop mastery of the foundational skills such as:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Decoding
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
Foundations Online core content video instruction

Core Content Videos

Use the video instruction to introduce or review the core instruction found in Foundations. Foundations Online Supplement videos help students acquire the phonics skills they need to become strong, independent readers and writers.

Foundations printed curriculum correlates with Foundations Online video lessons

Correlated Content

The headings for the online and printed curriculum are correlated to every lesson–helping teachers seamlessly move between print and online. Lessons teach the same concepts with different examples and practice.

Foundations B Planning Guide, Teacher's Manual and Online Supplement

Plan for Teacher Flexibility

Foundations Online Supplement Planning Guides are great for tracking progress throughout each volume, noting where and when to reteach concepts and switching up your instruction to maximize your student's practice!

Download the Foundations Online Planning Guide For Each Level!

Enhance Your Foundations Program With Supplements Based on the Science of Reading!

Foundations Dragon and Bug Buddy playfully engaging with virtual Logic of English content

Sing along with silly phonogram songs, play games and engage with interactive videos while learning to read and write with joyful confidence.